Safety sign colours (excluding fire safety signs)

Colour Meaning or purpose Instruction and information

  • Red Prohibition sign Danger alarm Dangerous behaviour; stop; shutdown; emergency cut-out devices; evacuate
  • Yellow Amber Warning sign Be careful; take precautions; examine
  • Blue Mandatory sign Specific behaviour or action, eg wear protective equipment
  • Green Emergency escape First-aid sign No danger Doors; exits; escape routes; equipment and facilities Return to normal


Fire extinguisher signs these signs are to give instructions on what the fire extinguishers can or can not be used on, and is to reduce the inappropriate use of extinguisher on the wrong type of fire.

Fire action signs describe what should be done in the event of fire after hearing the alarm, they  usually include who should phone emergency services and the nearest fire assembly meeting point is located.

Fire exit signs are used to show the nearest and safe route to leave a building in the event of a fire to the assembly point in safe area away from the fire and out of danger.This should be done to make your exit as quick and safe as possible to leave the building.

Mandatory signs are to alert that action needs to be taken in the area, be it wearing of safety glasses, keep fire door shut, wear ear defenders or to wash hands. These are mandatory and you should adhere to them in order to reduce risk or danger to your self or others.

Safe condition signs are installed to indicate that it is safe to carry out an action such as emergency safe area, emergency eye wash station or safe drinking water area. These signs have been designed to inform of safe actions to comply with your legal obligations and should be installed to meet your legal requirements.

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