We provide fire alarm maintenance options to ensure you are compliant with regulatory and legislative requirements. For contracted customers we provide a call- out service, 24-7, 365 days per year. All services are performed in accordance with relevant British Standard codes of practice; by fully trained and competent Technicians.

Regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm system is a legal requirement. It will also give you assurance that your fire alarm equipment will work when it is needed most.

Fire Alarms

How often should I have my fire alarm system serviced?

The period between fire alarm service visits should be based upon your fire risk assessment. This takes into account the type of fire alarm system installed, the environment in which it operates and other factors that may affect the long term operation of the system.

The recommended period between successive inspection and servicing visits should not exceed six months.

In addition, you need to test your fire alarm on a weekly basis to ensure you comply with the requirements of BS5839.

What are the benefits of fire alarm maintenance?

There are many benefits of regular fire alarm inspection and maintenance to ensure you protect you, your employees, customers, visitors and premises. Having a fully functional fire detection and alarm system will give you an early warning signal in the event of a fire, enabling safe and timely evacuation.

Regular maintenance of your fire alarm system can also benefit you by maximising component life and minimising false alarms.

What causes false alarms with fire alarm and detection systems?

Properly designed, installed and maintained fire detection and alarm systems don’t cause false alarms. It is the mismanagement of fire alarm systems that does and this is where they can really cost you money, due to:

  • Lost production
  • Disruption of production due to staff evacuation
  • Unnecessary deploy of firefighters
  • Possible future charging for attendance by fire and rescue services